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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spirituality Of The Soul


     I grew up in the 1950's when The Roman Catholic Church ruled Ireland.

People of the cloth were God's chosen people. At school, the Nuns taught us religion and everything else, while the priests put the fear of God into everyone.

When that did not work, Gods army, the holy order of Redemption Fathers dressed in their black flowing cassock, came to town. They would shut down the pubs and betting parlors for three weeks at a time. Their mission; To save our sorry souls, from hell. 


Religion and Spirituality are two separates entities.

1. Religion is an institution. It shows how different we are in our acceptance of others. Religion is what we do.

2. Spirituality is an individual endeavor that teaches us acceptance of our differences, regardless of religious beliefs. Spirituality is who we are.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a synergy of energies involving the:
  1. spirit
  2. soul
  3. Your higher self and
  4. Your mental mind
Spirituality is the true expression of your spiritual self, in human form, and is the highest form of pure energy.
The purpose of Spirituality is to remind us that we are spiritual beings first, living a human experience, as either a masculine or feminine essence.
  • A spiritual masculine essence, processes everything through their mental body. 
  • spiritual feminine essence, processes everything through their emotional body.
Your spiritual essence, whether masculine or feminine, has nothing to do with gender. Ideally, your spirituality is balanced between both the masculine and feminine essences.

In order to discover your soul's spirituality, you need to develop your conscious mind beyond your religious beliefs.

What is a SOUL?

The soul is your inner-consciousness, and holds all levels of your consciousness. 
It is the quintessential expression of feeling joy, sadness, sorrow, despair, passion, and love.

It is the spiritual blueprint for your earthly journey.

The soul holds no judgments on how you experience your emotions, only how you heal and balance them.
While trying to balance your emotions, there is a constant power struggle between your soul and your ego.
To end the battle between your soul and ego, you must move beyond your human shell that shroud your inner consciousness.
Eventually, your soul will overcome your ego demands, and provides you the opportunity to change life pattern(s) that no longer serves your higher good.

Awareness of your soul enables you to actualize what you are capable of becoming.

Soul's Purpose

Your soul's purpose, is for you to experience your true self through your soul essences (masculine and feminine), and to be conscious of it, and evolve into all that you are.

  Soul’s Journey  

“When I step out of the shadows, my soul inspires me with original thoughts. It knows what I truly want to become.” OMENA


To begin your soul’s journey you must come out from behind your soul's shadows.

If you are standing in the shadows of your soul, you prevent the cleansing tears of your soul from flowing out into the heart light of love.

Stepping away from the shadows, and discovering your soul's spirituality, creates a battle between your soul and your ego needs.

Giving up the battle between your soul and your ego is a lifelong quest.

“Honoring my feelings and accepting them dignifies the value of my life. Forgiveness is the first step towards loving me.” OMENA

The more conscious you are, the more aware you become.



 Soul Awareness 

 “When I am in tune with my soul, I love, I dream, I hope, I create.” OMENA

Awareness comes from self-knowledge, while self-knowledge comes from your life experience.  
Your soul is always in motion. You experience your true self through your essence (masculine or feminine).
Your essence carries all the spectrum of opposites:
  •   light / dark
  •   good / evil
  •   love / hate
  •   courage / fear
  •   happiness / sadness 
  •   joy and sorrow
When you allow yourself to experience sorrow, you come to know regret

Once you experienced regret, you know remorse; once you experienced remorse, you arrive at contrition

After contrition, you repent, and learn to love.

When you open your heart to love, you open your heart to sorrow.

Love is all for-giving. 

For-giving is giving back what caused you pain, and healing the pain that was self-inflicted.

When you don’t forgive, you deprive yourself of standing in your own personal power, and remain in the shadows of your soul

Standing in your personal power gives you the choice of not repeating sorrow, regret, remorse, and contrition without having a resolution.

Soul Talk

“My soul whispers to me in my pleasures, speaks to me in my consciousness, and shouts out to me in my pain.” OMENA



How does our Soul Speak to us?

When your soul speaks to you, it lets you know you are loved, and accepted the way you are, but not enough to leave you that way. 

When your soul speaks, you feel it deep from within. 

Sometimes you ignore these feelings, because your ego wants what it wants, regardless of whether it’s good or bad for you.

Your soul provides you the opportunity to change your life patterns that no longer serve your higher good.

Listen to your inner voice, and you will hear your soul whispering to you in your pleasures, shouts out to you in your pain, and speaks to you in your consciousness.

Listen to your consciousness and you will discover the ego; that which no longer serves your highest good.

Listen to your soul, you will discover the spirituality of your soul’s ego and it brings you to your highest good.

It will provide opportunities to change your life patterns that no longer serves your highest good.
The heart is the seat of the soul.

“When I listen to my heart, my vision becomes clearer. My shadows fade away”